I’m a Front-End Web Developer specializing in WordPress and Shopify.

I partner with creative agencies, designers, businesses and non-profits to provide custom front-end development for your projects.

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I Value:


When we work together towards a project, it becomes a lot more fun and successful! I believe that the key to achieving the best possible outcome is by collaborating with you, my client. And let's be honest, we can create something truly unique when we put our minds together!


I totally get it! Building the same website over and over can be a bit boring. But, nothing beats the feeling of creating a beautiful website that challenges your creativity and problem-solving skills. I believe that coding is an art, just like visual design, UX design, or copywriting. Let's keep crafting and creating unique websites that stand out!


I am always here to help you out with anything you need! Whenever you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me. I promise to give you straightforward estimates, answer your queries honestly and thoroughly, and discuss any concerns with you in a friendly, approachable way. And of course, I always appreciate it when you're open and honest with me too!


I'm all about quick and friendly communication! I genuinely enjoy answering emails and calls as soon as possible. And, I always ask questions to ensure we're on the same page and things go smoothly.


I take great pleasure in exploring new possibilities and discovering innovative approaches to web development. My focus is always on finding elegant solutions that can address complex challenges with ease. I am committed to being resourceful and persistent in my efforts to tackle any problem, and would never give up without first exploring every possible avenue.

Sometimes people say nice things about me.

Testimonials from companies I've had the pleasure of working with.

Mihai did an exceptional job with our recent website build. He provides consistent communication throughout the entirety of the process. Be as hands on or hands off in the process, but rest assured the end product will meet your expectations. I would highly recommend a look at Mihai for any website development or re-vamp needs.

- Jonathan Miller, Principal @ Miller Hardware Company

We could not be happier with the work completed by Mihai! The whole experience was easy and smooth. We are excited to work on more projects with him. He has proven that you don't have to be a big firm to accomplish fabulous web development. We have worked with many firms and this is one of the best. Mihai is talented and passionate and truly invested in his clients success! We are thrilled!!

- Sam Sheron, 4th Generation Purveyor @ Lewis and Sheron Textiles